What is a portable pc?

Sterling Computer Sales offers the latest portable pc products available on the market today.

Sterling has been building a portable pc since 1991. What is a portable pc computer? It is essentially a desktop pc; setup in a case that maintains all the features a desktop is known for. In order for a portable pc to stay relevant it had to adapt by going beyond the traditional desktop. Therefore, cases were modified to handle single board computers with backplanes dc power supplies and dual processors. The latest changes are large hard drive capacities and the use of solid state drives. Carriers are available to store 4 removable 2.5 inch solid state drives in one 5.25 inch slot. This allows 20 removable drives in one portable pc unit. These configurations have never been a consumer product this is why mass production has never been pursued. Essentially each customer will choose a case and a configuration based on their requirements. We at Sterling have provided units for a multitude of uses. Each machine essentially performs a function designated by the end user, providing portability to components and options usually limited to desktops workstations and rack mounts. If an application is available in any format it can probably become a lunchbox computer. An example of this is the three screen portable pc model. Since desktop pc’s can handle multiple monitors, the 3 screen portable was developed. Presently portable pc’s can handle high definition graphics the next step will be to offer 4k graphics.

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