Government and Military

Sterling Computer Sales offers the latest portable computer products for government agencies and our military divisions. Our portable pc's offer rugged shock mounting and high end processing power for speed and power in the field.

Rugged Portability

There are many applications that our portable units can help your organization. One of the main fields is government and military due to the shockmounted hard drives and rubber impact corners for shock and vibration all in one computer solution.

Our portable computer systems are used by government agencies and our military divisions by providing fully rugged portable computing and display technology solutions. These units are custom built to meet your applications requirement. Our units offer the highest approval ratings along with massive storage expansion and processing power in a portable workstation. Our units can be placed in a aircraft using a 400Hz power supply. Our units have been used for avaition and aircraft divisions. Request a quote of your requirements below and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

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GSA Contract

Sterling Computer Sales is a GSA Advantage Supplier!

GSA Contract No: GS-35F-0659T


Please email or give us a call to quote you our products on the GSA schedule.

The Sterling Computer Sales Team.

Sterling offers the best variety of rugged portable computers available in the market. Sterling is committed to offering a quality and reliable product built by skilled and trained technicians.