Notebook with Serial Port RS232

Sterling Computer Sales offers semi rugged notebook computers with a RS232 connection built in serial port on the mainboard. Our notebook computers are semi rugged providing a spill and dust proof keyboard. We also offer fully rugged notebook computers that meet a military standard for field use that also provide a built in serial port.

TS1500 Notebook Computer

The TS1500 notebook computer is our latest laptop pc providing the latest processor, memory, and hard drive solution. This laptop computer has a built in RS232 serial port connection that you can connect a serial port device right into the unit.

The TS1500 notebook computer can be configured as a portable notebook with your requested components. This notebook computer can be customized to your specific components. The TS1500 notebook computer supports the latest hard drives and processor with memory to maximize performance and meets a military standard for durability.

TS1500 Model

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