Apollo-A4 Model

Sterling Computer Sales offers the latest portable computer products available on the market today.

Sterling is presenting multiple three screen portable computers to our lineup. Each three screen unit has unique features but all have the ability to be customized to your requirements. Sterling is continuously expanding our lineup of portable lunchbox computers to meet the demands of our clients.

Custom Solutions

Custom configurations require knowledge of portable manufacturing utilizing the latest technology advancements. Sterling can be the right choice for custom development and achieving the right portable computer with the best customization. Our three screen portable computer chassis can be used to handle the latest ATX motherboards. This means that 7 slots can be used for expansion; even SBC’s with backplanes can be accommodated. Three screen portable computers are used in command and control environments where portable PC based applications are used.

Expansion Slots

Three screen LCD’s offer high resolution flicker free visual environment. These three screen units offer Multiple 3½" Disk Drives, 2 ½" Disk Drives, and 5¼" open Drive bays, with one slim-type CD-ROM bay and removable drive bays. Our all-aluminum chassis is the ideal solution for applications such as portable servers, network/communications, data acquisition.

Retention System

A double card retention system can be offered which has adjustable pressure mechanism ensuring that half and full-length cards are secure during transportation.

Power Supply

Many portable computers need special power supplies to accommodate the space requirements. Models of our trans-portable computers required special custom shape power supplies all of which Sterling can provide. Click on the link below to view our latest three screen portable computer that we have to offer.

Apollo-A4 Model

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