Police and Medical

Sterling Computer Sales offers the latest portable computer products for police and law enforcement and the medical industry. Our portable pc's and notebook computers offer high performance in a rugged chassis for field use for police departments. The portability and being able to handle full length capture cards is ideal for the medical industry for monitoring and analysis.

Monitoring and Analysis

There are many applications that our portable units and rugged notebooks can help your organization. One of the main fields is police and law enforcement being able to have a rugged portable notebook pc for field use. The medical industry has to have portabliity and fast processing power in a all in one desktop solution.

Our portable pc systems are used by the medical industry by providing an all in one portable solution with the ability to handle full length capture cards for high speed editing and monitoring patient data. These units are custom built to meet your applications requirement. Our notebook units offer a military spec for spill and dust approval and shock and vibration ratings necessary for police departments. Request a quote of your requirements below and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

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