Rugged Lunchbox Computer

Sterling Computer Sales offers rugged lunchbox computer units with shock mounted drive cages and rubber impact corners on an all aluminum chassis design. Our portable computer systems are built and tested to work for many years and come with a standard one year warranty parts and labor.

Our Apollo 3 screen Lunchbox Computer has 3 folding screens that mounted in front of the case. The case is protected by rugged cushions on each corner. The keyboard has rugged cushions on each side as well. This lunchbox case is unique since it uses the miro ATX form factor. No other lunchbox case uses this format they are all based on the full ATX design. This portable rugged lunchbox has 3 17 inch screens with high resolution. Sterling prides itself on providing this portable pc for less than any other company fully configured. In fact these units are rarely sold in the SKD format but configured to meet a customer’s requirements. Sterling’s ability to meet some of the most stringent requirement for a custom lunchbox portable solution is outstanding. On all our systems we offer Linux or windows operating systems. In fact we offer older operating systems such as XP on all our lunchbox and portable pc line.

Below is a link to the lunchbox computer chassis we recommend for our three screen model.

Apollo-A4 Model

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