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Sterling Computer Sales offers the latest portable computer products, rackmounts and notebooks available on the market today.

We provide custom portable pcs and computer solutions with the latest cutting edge industrial computer products available since 1991. Our company Sterling Computer Sales LLC, provides an all in one solution for clients looking for a complete portable solution. Our portable lunchbox cases have evolved over the years continually enhancing the design to meet the latest technological components available in the marketplace. Our portable computers can handle the latest ATX and Extended ATX mainboards to provide a portable server solution for your needs. All of our portable pc units handle full length slots for your proprietary cards. We now have a battery powered solution in a small compact portable design. We also offer high resolution widescreen HD displays for graphic intensive platforms. All of our units can be customized to meet your requirements. Sterling Portable also provides semi rugged notebooks with a built in RS232 Serial port. These units have a magnesium alloy case design that meet military standards. The notebooks are shock mounted for HDD protection and offer a dust proof and spill proof design. Please visit our online store to browse our entire lineup of products and receive more detailed information about the products we offer.

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