What is a portable computer?

Sterling Computer Sales offers the latest portable computer products available on the market today.

Specialty applications require very specific computer systems. The portable computer has made such specialty systems versatile. One can take a portable computer on the road, loaded with specialty PCI cards and multiple drives on location or within the same facility. We work with our customers to provide portable computers whether rugged or semi rugged is needed. Our portable lunchbox computers are assembled in the USA even though many parts come from overseas. Since many of our units are based on legacy requirements we have to search quality producers that offer long term industrial electronic parts. Many of our portable computers handle the new Windows operating systems along side of Linux. By providing operating system knowledge with the computer hardware we have been able solve many basic design and build proposals for our industrial clients. Portable computer have evolved to provide a wide variety of solutions. Presently we are working on video three screen control systems and SAN storage systems. Each area provides new challenges such as ruggedized LCD screens shock mounted drive cages and internal components tough enough for the task.

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