Mil Spec 4u Rackmount Computer

Sterling Computer Sales offers rugged 4u rackmont computers that can be custom built to your requirements. We provide a mil spec rated 4u rackmount chassis for field use.

Military Standard Rackmount

Our experience in building portable rugged lunchbox computers has allowed us to move into the rackmount area. Rackmounts are not built to withstand shock and vibration. Sterling has found rackmont cases that shock isolate the drive cages and use our rugged portable power supplies. In order to meet military standards of shock proof application these cases can be mounted in mil spec enclosures. We simply have to know what mil spec standard we need to meet. Often the makeup of the rackmount computer is more important than the mil spec we need to meet. This is why our experience in building the portable pc and the various configurations is so important. Very few companies build the rackmount configurations needed today. They offer stock setups from Supermicro and let the customer adjust. We turn the tables by letting a customer adjust all aspects of the build.

Below is a link to a mil spec 4u rackmount computer we recommend for your business.

4u Rackmount Model

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The Sterling Team.

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