Terms and Conditions

Sterling Computer Sales terms and conditions for payment invoices, delivery, transportation, software, and restocking

PAYMENT: Invoices are due and payable in accordance with the terms listed on the front of this invoice. An interest charge of 2.0% per month will be added to past due accounts. All legal, court costs, and service charges incurred in collecting payment will be an expense of and charged to the purchaser.

DELIVERY: Unless otherwise noted, delivery will be made F.O.B Sterling Computer Sales facility with shipping charges to be paid by Purchaser. Risk of loss passes to Purchaser upon delivery by Sterling Computer Sales to common carrier. Sterling Computer Sales will not be liable for delays or failure of delivery caused by strikes, accidents, fires, lockouts, riots, wars, acts of God, a shortage of or an inability to obtain supplies, fuel, material, labor or shipping facilities, and on account of any demands, orders or any acts or regulations of any local, state or federal governments or agencies for any reason. We will not be held responsible for any delays or failure to deliver caused by any contingency beyond our reasonable control. Our delivery time will be extended for the duration of such events.

SOFTWARE SALES FINAL: All Software sales are final. Sterling Computer Sales will not refund any money or exchange any software purchased.

RESTOCKING CHARGE: If Sterling Computer Sales accepts return merchandise then there will be a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking charge.

TRANSPORTATION CHARGES FOR WARRANTY SERVICE: The cost of freight or transportation to and from any Sterling Computer Sales service center, required in order to complete any repair service under the term's of any manufacture's limited warranty, will be an expense of and charged to the Purchaser.

UNCOLLECTABLE CHECK: In the event a check is returned by a customer's bank as uncollectable, there shall be a charge of $25.00 in addition to any other charges that may be included. All legal, court cost, and service charges incurred in collecting payment will be an expense of and charged to the purchaser.

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