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Product News:


Sterling Portable Computers offers a portable lunchbox computers, custom rackmount pcs, and rugged notebooks. Our portable pc units offer a solution for high speed motion analysis PCI, PCI-E, and PCI-X cards. Our portables can handle full length PCI cards with several hard drives for large capacity data storage. Our Portables offer medical grade power supplies as well. Our custom rackmount pcs are available in 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U sizes with multiple shock mounted drive bays. Our rugged notebook series offers a built in RS232 serial port on the mainboard for a direct connection to a RS232 serial port cable. We also offer all the latest operating systems such as Microsoft, Redhat, and Solaris. Sterling Portable Server computers offer multiple 2.5" hdd's inside a single 51/4 drive bay for large data capacity systems. These portable server computers are an alternative solution for port replicators and docking stations.

Custom Portable Computer Solutions are available by utilizing our manufacturing team!


Portable PC Computer Overview:


The "Portable Computer" Leader in rugged portable pc's. Sterling Computer Sales, LLC. is located in Pennsylvania and has been in business since 1991.  Sterling offers the best variety of rugged portable computers available in the market. Sterling is committed to offering a quality and reliable product built by skilled and trained technicians.

Sterling offers quality "portable computers" which are also known as lunchbox computers that are rugged, upgradeable, full functional portable pc computers. We have been building luggable lunchbox computers since 1991.  Many of our industrial pc lunchbox systems have been used in the industry to program equipment, where other laptop computers would simply fail. Sterling provides portable desktop computers and pc's which can be considered a mobile server offering dual processors and multiple drives.

Our portable computers have LCD/TFT flat panel displays and full-size expansion slots for your specialty cards.  Sterling specializes in integrating full length ISA and PCI boards into our lunchbox cases.  New to the Aztec Series - Our Aztec-ATX6 Model is now available in a 17.1 inch 1280x1024 display and a 15.1 inch 1024x768 Touchscreen.      

Sterling also offers a variety of Monitor Keyboard Drawers in new 1U standards.  Check out our monitor keyboard drawer series of Industrial Keyboard Drawers.  Our IMK-1U model is now available with a built-in 8 port KVM.

New to our industrial line is our rugged notebook series which are rugged mobile notebook computers that are stronger than a standard notebook computer.  Our rugged notebooks meet a military standard for harsh environments.  Click on our site map for all of the rugged portable computer units including mobile PC's and notebook computers we have available.


Company Background:


Sterling has been providing rugged computers since 1991. We were offering a basic Lunchbox Computer with a 386 processor. At that time a portable or “lunchbox” PC was competing with the laptop market since the weight and functionality was similar. The lunchbox could be upgraded but the laptops were fixed with components that could not be changed. These units were the first to offer the integrated LCD display.

The portable computer continued to gain weight, while the laptop became ever smaller and much more transportable with increased battery life and processing power. These units are now called notebook computers and tablet PC’s. 

At this point the portable computer is offering desktop computer performance with all the expansion capability that this case design would allow.  The lunchbox pc now offers multiple drive bay capability with full length PCI slots and ISA slots.  Removable Hard Drive bays can handle the new Terabyte capacity hard drives.  These units can offer the latest processors on the market including the latest Intel and AMD processors on a server platform.

Rugged PC Computers are now available in custom configuration delivering desktop performance. The biggest emphasis is now seen in performance capabilities. Sterling is able to incorporate the latest Intel Xeon server designs into a luggable platform. Our Zeus models offer advanced designs in a rugged platform (luggable computer). Our single board computer designs will still handle specialized ISA and PCI cards so necessary in the instrumentation arena.  Sterling has introduced a battery powered 2 full length PCI notebook lunchbox design unit that can meet the industrial applications of specialized PCI cards with our Commander-AT5 model. We are now offering a 400Hz power supply for the aviation industry. This option is available in many of our models.

Sterling is ready to customize a computer using our pricing guide but don’t stop there, call us with your special requirements, since this is the ideal application of a portable computer. We probably offer more computer variations using the ATX, micro ATX, SBC and Backplanes than most companies that offer portable computers. Contact us today to discuss your project and we can send you a formal quote with your requested configuration. We also provide custom solutions for your business needs. Our company has the ability to provide a hardware computer solution for portable field use or internal server business solutions.


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